Interactive Group

A new, modern and vibrant visual identity for the leading Pakistani IT&C integrator with a growing pan-Asian presence — one that illustrates the transformative power of technology and yet reflects the heritage of national culture — prompted a novel use of Pakistani symbols as building blocks. Thus, the “Pentacrescent” — a three-dimensional piece that combines together five crescents into a proprietary star shape, an object-logo able to represent the reality of a truly multi-faceted, complex business and organization, and to allow for rich symbolism.


* Rebrand 100 Merit Award, 2015
* Hiii Professional Id Awards Nominee, 2015


The Five Crescents are standing for the founding values and Pakistani pride, the Star symbolizes the aspiration and desire to lead the change, while the Globe-like side view of the Pentacrescent denotes international expansion, cosmopolitism and openness to the world.


Credits — I designed this items while being part of Brandient  team.


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