Indygen, a Vodafone project

Indygen is an innovative telecom brand created to serve the specific interests, motives, aspirations, challenges and lifestyle of the Romanian youth. A brand shaped like a youth movement needs a visual expression able to convey the rebellious energy of the youngsters. The symbol is built on the visual language of cause ribbons and illustrates the "Change" concept by reversing pessimism into optimism, while the Indygen sim comes packaged in a brand-property collectable series of urban-warrior-shaped designer toys.


* Ranked at #7 among the best 12 identities of 2013, as judged by Armin Vit's Brand New
* German Design Award Nomination, 2014


* Creative Anarchy. How to break the rules of graphic design for creative success — Denise Bosler, 2015
* Graphic Design x 100 — Braun Publishing, 2014
* UC. Quarterly — UnderConsideration, 2013
* Graphic Design School: The Principles and Practice of Graphic Design, 6th Edition — Wiley Publishing, 2016



Credits — I designed this items while being part of Brandient  team.

Toy Design: Ciprian Badalan
3D Renderings: Golem
Type Design: Bogdan Dumitrache, Cristian Kit Paul


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