Idea::Bank rebranding

The original identity has undergone a subtle facelift, with the purpose of sustaining a cohesive brand architecture and of enhancing the role of the “Four Dots” symbol. Consequently, the symbol was given an unusual but very important function, clarifying the masterbrand architecture and inviting a flexible but always branded product development. Furthermore, the symbol acquired additional internal and external communication meaning, as well as the functional ability to recreate the brand or product visual identity in headlines and body text, either as a double colon or personalised hashtag.


* Costa Rican design website “El Poder de las Ideas” acknowledges Brandient’s facelift for Idea Bank’s logo among the worldwide landmark design works for the financial industry in 2015.


* Graphic Design School: The Principles and Practice of Graphic Design, 6th Edition — Wiley Publishing, 2016


Credits — I designed this items while being part of Brandient  team.


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