eMAG — visual identity meets big data

Rebranding of the rising star of Eastern-European e-commerce. At first glance, it’s a polymorphic visual identity. Nice, quite classy: enter the e-store during winter holidays and a custom logo will be served... and in the morning a coffee-logo will be served. And then we move beyond: if you spend time looking for a camera, the web site served to you will be branded with a custom camera logo. eMAG leverages the power of big data straight into its core corporate identity. Also, profiling (birthday, gender, hobbies, etc.) helps refining the pool of served logos. This is a leap into a new era — an era of live visual identity.


 * Graphis Gold Award — 2012
 * Graphis Silver Award — 2011
 * Transform Gold Award — 2010


 * Graphis Branding 6 — 2013
 * Graphis Design Annual 2012
* Graphic Design School: The Principles and Practice of Graphic Design, 6th Edition — Wiley Publishing, 2016


Holidays logos — Christmas, Mother's Day, Saint Valantine's


Season logos — summer, holiday, autumn


Moment of the day logos — morning, evening, night


Events logos — sports, awards gala, film festival


User profiling — birthday, hobbies, gender


Address — home, office, on the move


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