Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee

A new brand identity for the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR) and Olympic Team, with a two-fold identity design solution that acknowledges sports as the strongest pillar of national branding. The modern rendition of the old logo provides the Committee’s corporate identity — while an exuberant Team Romania symbol celebrates the more specific national note through distinctive identity applications.


* Rebrand 100 Distinction Award, 2015
* Graphis Merit Award — Logo Design 9 — 2016
* Hiii Profesional Id Bronze Award, 2015


* BranD Magazine “No more rules” issue — Hong Kong 2015
* Abstract Logo: Trademarks & Symbols — Counter Print 2016, UK
* Graphis Logo Design 9 & Letterhead 8 — 2017
* Graphic Design School: The Principles and Practice of Graphic Design, 6th Edition — Wiley Publishing, 2016


The "Team Romania" Symbol

The second manifestation of the identity is the Team Romania symbol, devised to express national beauty, joy, pride, playfulness, friendship and the celebratory emotion of victory. It consists of a capital “R”, intertwined with the letter “O” created by stylized Romanian traditional stitching symbols in the three national colors, in a visual interpretation of a Romanian folk motif, the “hora” dance.


Credits — I designed this items while being part of Brandient  team.


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