Bitdefender global rebranding

The global rebranding of Bitdefender, the Romanian-originated digital security brand, had to address a tough challenge: to build a powerful, international brand with a strong hint to its national origins. And here enters the Dragon-Wolf, the brand avatar with a strong Romanian heritage, being a modern interpretation of a Dacian ancient symbol standing for resilient defense.

The global rebranding process, commissioned to Brandient's consultancy and design team, stretched over more than two years, with my involvement in all its development stages.


* Rebrand 100 Distinction Award, 2012
* German Design Award Nomination, 2013
* Graphis Gold Award in Branding, 2012


* Package and Design Magazine — Hong Kong, 2011
* Choi's Gallery volume 15 — 2012
* Graphis Branding 6 — Graphis Inc., 2013
* Graphic Design School: The Principles and Practice of Graphic Design, 6th Edition — Wiley Publishing, 2016


Aiming to substitute and take over a big part of the advertising effort, the packaging suite was created to act like print ads, yet preserving the equity of the colour palette from the old packaging.


Wallpapers were designed for Bitdefender offices, notably the tongue-in-cheek “Trophy Wall” with the most (in)famous bugs Bitdefender squashed during the years.


Credits — I designed this items while being part of Brandient  team.

Logo & Avatar Design: Bogdan Dumitrache
3D modeling: Golem Studio


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